Choosing the Ideal Air Cleaner: Types of Filtration Devices

Air cleaning appliances are designed to purify the indoor air by removing contaminants such as pollen, dust, fur and odours. There are diverse products in terms of efficiency, costs and maintenance requirements so choosing the perfect one for your home will not be easy. One of the best methods to identify a suitable air cleaner is to evaluate the filtration method. This will help you determine whether the equipment matches your goals in relation to indoor air quality. Read More 

Backflow Systems: What They Are & Their Application In Commercial Plumbing

A back-flow system is one of the key components of a commercial plumbing system. It's basically a network of valves and testing chambers that help prevent the reverse movement of water between the mains supply and the water in your property or business. This is achieved by physical obstruction (valves) and by ensuring water from the mains always has a higher pressure compared to the water from your premises: Should I install a back-flow system for my commercial property/business? Read More 

Can You Fix That Electric Garage Door on Your Own?

An electric garage door is meant to last for years but repairs will no doubt be necessary at some time. You may be able to fix certain minor problems on your own, although more complicated repairs should be left to a professional. Remember that garage doors work with very heavy springs that can be dangerous when they uncoil and snap back, so never try to remove those springs yourself. Note a few minor repair jobs you may be able to handle on your own and when it's better to call a professional: Read More 

5 Tips for Storing Knives, Swords & Other Metal Blades

You can store your knives and swords safely if you simply follow a few bits of storage advice. Whether you are storing kitchen knives, utility knives, long swords or anything else with a metal blade, you can follow similar storage rules that safeguard you as well as your knives. Here are five tips to keep in mind: 1. Do not bury loose knives in boxes full of other items Do not put loose knives in boxes with other items. Read More