Smart Kitchens | 3 Tips To Design a Personalised Kitchen Workstation

Spending time in kitchens is perhaps the most natural thing in the world –– you use it for cooking, for meal preparation, for relaxing and even for entertaining. And if you're working from home, it's likely that kitchens double up as a workplace too. Including a workstation into your kitchen renovations empowers you with an opportunity to multi-task, so you can get several things done at the same time. You'll want your new workstation to combine form and function, so follow these tips to design a customised workstation that suits you. Read More 

Babies and Air Conditioning: Everything You Need to Know

Air conditioning can help to make your home and baby's nursery more comfortable, but it can also create discomfort in certain cases. To conserve energy and stay healthy, babies need to be not too hot but not too cold. This can be challenging, but to help ensure your baby is cool, comfortable and safe, check out these tips: 1. Monitor the temps in your baby's room If you have central air conditioning, the thermostat is typically located in a central area such as in your lounge. Read More 

How to Adapt a Kitchen for Disabled Access

Thanks to an increase in community care workers, more disabled people are now able to continue living independently in their own homes.  And an individual's changing needs don't necessarily mean they have to move house.  Here's a guide on how to transform a standard kitchen into a fully-functional room that's totally accessible for a wheelchair user. Kitchen worktops Kitchen worktops and counters will need to be lowered in order to to allow a wheelchair-user to work comfortably. Read More 

How to Know When to Call for Air Conditioning Repair Services

Your air conditioner may seem to work fine, but this doesn't mean that it isn't in need of repair or maintenance. There are times when certain parts of your air conditioner may be breaking down or when the air conditioner otherwise needs servicing, but still continues to run. Ignoring these problems with an air conditioning unit can allow it to break down even further, meaning larger repair bills down the road. Read More 

Plant Your Own Pest Deterrent: 3 Plants Keep Your Garden Safe

It can be a devastating sight when you glance out of the window at your garden and see that it's been torn to shreds. This is Australia after all, and for as long as there are pretty gardens, crop patches and fields, there will be irritating pests right there alongside them ready to cause havoc. Deterring garden pests can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task, especially when a particular form of animal finds a way to breed rapidly in your garden and starts to take over. Read More