Backflow Systems: What They Are & Their Application In Commercial Plumbing

A back-flow system is one of the key components of a commercial plumbing system. It's basically a network of valves and testing chambers that help prevent the reverse movement of water between the mains supply and the water in your property or business. This is achieved by physical obstruction (valves) and by ensuring water from the mains always has a higher pressure compared to the water from your premises:

Should I install a back-flow system for my commercial property/business?

Back-flow systems are important for commercial properties. This is because the huge water reservoirs in commercial properties hold enough pressure to force water back into the mains supply system.

Consequently, back-flow systems provide your commercial premises with several benefits:

  • Back-flows can cause water contamination. In premises where water is dispersed to various outlets from the mains connection, a back-flow can cause contamination of water meant for consumption. This can lead to illnesses. A back-flow system will ensure clean water from the mains remains safe.
  • In some areas (states), commercial businesses are required to install back-flow systems by law. It's therefore important to talk to your commercial plumbing service to find out the legal guidelines on this. If a back-flow system is mandated in your location, installing it will be vital in order to adhere to operational health and safety regulations.
  • They will prevent costly loss of water from your premises. If water flows back past the water meter, you run the risk of paying higher water bills than you ought to. This is because your meter will end up recording more water than you're getting.

What back-flow maintenance services do I need?

A plumbing service can help you in various ways as far as back-flow systems are concerned:

  • One, they can inspect your commercial plumbing system and provide important insights that can either: certify your plumbing system, recommend a back-flow system or recommend alteration or upgrade of the current back-flow system.
  • Two, they can install a back-flow system for your commercial property. This will involve selecting the right system as per the size of your property and its water needs, disconnecting the water system and installing the back-flow system.
  • Thirdly, if you already have a back-flow system in place, a commercial plumbing company can perform the needed annual checks to ensure your system is functioning as per the industry standards.

All in all, whether required by law or not, a back-flow system will help you save on water loss and prevent contamination. If you need back-flow systems support, contact a company such as Epg Electrical Plumbing Group Pty Ltd.