3 Ideas To Plan The Right Glass For Your Shower Screens

If you've decided to install glass screens to create a separate shower enclosure in your bathroom, then you've got a lot to consider. From size of the enclosure to style, shape and even glass type, you've got several choices to make. Let these ideas help you plan the right glass for your shower screens:

What Level Of Privacy Are You Looking For?

Privacy is a key factor when it comes to choosing glass for shower screens, especially if you live in a smaller home and need to share the bathroom (often at the same time) with multiple family members or house mates. If privacy is an issue for you, then you may want to consider textured versions like frosted or bricked glass styles. You could even choose coloured glass to incorporate more privacy into your shower enclosure. Keep in mind that bricked and frosted glass may need a little more cleaning and maintenance because of the additional grooves, but these styles are ideal for creating private enclosures.

What Kind Of Glass Toughness Do You Want?

The level of glass toughness may also play a role in your choice. This may be especially important if you have small children who tend to bang on walls with their toys and anything else they can reach. You don't want the glass to end up breaking or cracking, so toughened or laminated glass may be ideal choices here. Toughened and laminated glass styles are built to shatter into small fragments, which help to prevent injuries caused by large pieces of glass. Toughened glass is also a good choice for frameless shower screens because it can withstand higher levels of force, so you don't have to worry about anything shattering if you slam the door shut accidentally.

How Much Space Do You Have To Play With In Your Bathroom?  

The amount of space you have to play with in your bathroom may also affect the shower screen glass you choose. For example, if you have limited moving-around space, then coloured or frosted glass may end up closing in the room even further—exactly the look you're trying to avoid. In smaller bathrooms, your ideal choices may be clear or even mirrored glass because both can open up the space. Clear glass provides a sense of visual continuity, while mirrors reflect surroundings to make the room look much bigger than it is.

Choosing a shower screen can be easy as long as you weigh all your options.