2 Additions That Will Make Your Home-Based Family Day Care Business More Appealing To Prospective Parents

For many mothers with school-age children, finding permanent employment that fits in with school hours can be a difficult task. For this reason, starting up a home-based family day care business with a registered scheme provider can be an appealing option. It allows you to earn a good hourly rate, while still being able to set your own hours and be available for your own children.

Along with the many legal and health and safety requirements that must be adhered to, starting this type of home-based self-employment comes with the added difficulty of competing with other family day care providers to attract enough clients to make the business profitable. Making your home's environment as appealing to prospective parents as possible is an important part of creating a successful home-based family day care. Here are two additions that will place your business a step above your competitors.

1. A shade sail for the garden

Unfortunately, Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world. With this dubious honour comes an increased awareness of the importance of sun safety. A successful family day care will be able to provide children with a well shaded outdoor play area to enjoy on even the hottest summer days.

Installing shade sails with a high sun protection rating is an excellent way to do this. This type of sail is commonly found in kindergartens, schools and public playgrounds, and such sails can vastly increase the amount of shaded play area available in your garden. They come in a range of standard sizes, or you can have one custom made to perfectly suit your outdoor space.

2. Pool security gates 

It doesn't matter how high or secure your fences are if your gates are insecure. An inquisitive and adventurous child will be quick to spot a gate left unlatched or may even figure out how to unlock it with ease. Ensuring that children in your care are unable to leave your property is essential.

Pool security gates are perfect for this reason. Not only is the opening mechanism too high for small children to reach, the automatic shutting function also means that your garden gate can never be left open accidentally, cutting off escape routes for a curious child. Many pool security gates can also be locked with a key, which will make them even more impenetrable during your family day care operating hours.

As well as looking for a family day care setting that provides children with a caring, nurturing and enriching environment, safety is generally a top priority for prospective parents. These two additions will significantly enhance the appeal of you home as a safe place for children to spend their time in.