Making the Most of Colour in Your New Home

After you have a newly constructed home, the next step would be to make a decision on the best colour palette for the interior of the home. A mistake some people make is simply selecting colours for their interiors based on their favourite colours. The reality is you have to put into consideration the characteristics of the room so that you can have a better idea on what colour would complement the space. Is the room small and you would like to make it appear bigger? Is the room dark and you would like to enhance the natural lighting in the space? Knowing the answers to these questions can enable you to make an ideal choice of hues and tones for your home. The following are some of the ways that you can make the most of colour in your new home.

Take the plunge with stark white walls

One of the colours that has stood the test of time when it comes to interior décor is white. The freshness and clarity of this colour makes it ideal for any room in the house. However, if you do not know how best to use white in your home, your interiors could end up looking sterile and clinical. The first thing to note about white is that it has a propensity for making a room appear larger than it is. Therefore, if you were looking to create the illusion of space in specific rooms, this would be a good choice of colour to consider.

To prevent your white walls to from appearing too stark, you would have to incorporate some splashes of colour in the room. The great thing about all white walls is that you now have the flexibility to experiment with your favourite colours rather than having to worry if the colours would have been suited to the walls. For instance, you can now have upholstery and carpets in your favourite colour to add that much-needed break from the all-white walls. Alternatively, you could opt to have one feature wall to break the monotony of the white walls. The choice would ultimately be yours.

Being bold with bright colours

Another way to make the most of paint in your interior décor would be the use of bright bold colours. Bold colours are a great way to create the illusion of zoning in the home. For instance, if the residence has an open plan, painting the various living spaces in different colours will make them stand out individually. However, ensure that you are using colours that complement each other, as clashing colours would make your space appear too busy.

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