5 Tips for Storing Knives, Swords & Other Metal Blades

You can store your knives and swords safely if you simply follow a few bits of storage advice. Whether you are storing kitchen knives, utility knives, long swords or anything else with a metal blade, you can follow similar storage rules that safeguard you as well as your knives. Here are five tips to keep in mind:

1. Do not bury loose knives in boxes full of other items

Do not put loose knives in boxes with other items. If you keep your items in storage for a long while and forget the knives are there, you may cut your hand while digging through or unpacking that box. Additionally, the knives themselves could become damaged or dull from bumping against other items particularly stone, ceramic or metal items.

2. Store knives in containers or sheaths made for them

Whether your knives are in a box with other items or packed by themselves, they should not be stored loose or in containers not made for knives. For example, if you put a knife in a cardboard box, it can easily cut through the side of the box, and a blade poking through a box can be extremely dangerous.

Instead, your knives should be stored in containers designated for knife storage. For example, if you are storing swords, they should be in scabbards. If you are storing kitchen knives, they should be in a cloth knife roll or a sturdy knife box with sections for each individual knife.

3. Avoid leather sheaths

Although you should store your knives in containers made for holding knives, you should avoid leather containers such as leather sheaths. Although a leather sheath can look attractive for holding a dagger on a belt or storing a sword on your wall, they are not ideal for long-term storage.

Unfortunately, leather has natural moisture that can cause a metal blade to oxidise or rust.

4. Do not store knives wet

Just as moisture from leather can cause your blades to oxidise over long periods of time, moisture from washing can have a similar effect. If you plan to wash your knives before you put them into storage, that is a good idea; it helps to remove bacteria, dirt and debris. However, you need to make sure your blades are fully dry before storing them.

5. Oil blades before storing

If you want to ensure your blades stay strong and rust-free while in storage, consider oiling the blades before putting them in storage. You can use gun oil, wood block oil or oil designed especially for knife blades. The oils creates a protective layer from corrosion.

6. Choose a safe storage facility

Finally, make sure you choose a safe storage facility. Like guns, knives and swords tend to hold their value well, making them attractive to thieves or dangerous to children or those not trained to handle the weapons. For their safety, make sure you pick a storage facility such as Lisarow Self Storage with ample security measures in place.