Revamping Your Bedroom On A Budget

3 Ideas To Plan The Right Glass For Your Shower Screens

If you've decided to install glass screens to create a separate shower enclosure in your bathroom, then you've got a lot to consider. From size of the enclosure to style, shape and even glass type, you've got several choices to make. Let these ideas help you plan the right glass for your shower screens: What Level Of Privacy Are You Looking For? Privacy is a key factor when it comes to choosing glass for shower screens, especially if you live in a smaller home and need to share the bathroom (often at the same time) with multiple family members or house mates. Read More 

2 Additions That Will Make Your Home-Based Family Day Care Business More Appealing To Prospective Parents

For many mothers with school-age children, finding permanent employment that fits in with school hours can be a difficult task. For this reason, starting up a home-based family day care business with a registered scheme provider can be an appealing option. It allows you to earn a good hourly rate, while still being able to set your own hours and be available for your own children. Along with the many legal and health and safety requirements that must be adhered to, starting this type of home-based self-employment comes with the added difficulty of competing with other family day care providers to attract enough clients to make the business profitable. Read More 

Making the Most of Colour in Your New Home

After you have a newly constructed home, the next step would be to make a decision on the best colour palette for the interior of the home. A mistake some people make is simply selecting colours for their interiors based on their favourite colours. The reality is you have to put into consideration the characteristics of the room so that you can have a better idea on what colour would complement the space. Read More 

Shortening Ready-made, Lined, Pencil Pleated Curtains - An Easy Tutorial

If you've bought a pair of ready-made, lined, pencil pleated curtains, only to find that they are too long for your windows, you willl probably want to know how to shorten them.  Thankfully, shortening lined, pencil pleat curtains isn't as difficult as you might think.  Here's a helpful tutorial to show you how to do it. What you'll need note pad and pencil tape measure scissors stitch unpicking tool pins sewing machine How to do it Read More 

How to Brighten Up Even the Darkest Kitchen

If your home was designed without windows in the kitchen and you find that the overhead lighting does little to brighten up the space, you may not have the money to cut out a wall and install a new window or get a new overhead fixture. A different paint colour might not help either if the majority of your kitchen walls are hidden behind cupboards and appliances. You can, however, often brighten up even the darkest kitchen with just a few simple tricks and for much less money than needed for a major renovation project. Read More