Add a touch of elegance and even romance to your home with a staircase

If you are building a double-storey house, take care with the design of the staircase, because the stairs can give your home a special look and feel. The staircase can be welcoming, or it can seem to be defensive. It all depends on the design of a new one, or the way you transform an existing one. Curved lines lend a feeling of elegance Circular lines have a greater feeling of flow and rhythm than straight lines and square corners. Read More 

Storage Tips for Small Bathrooms

For some homeowners, the bathroom is notorious for lacking adequate space. This problem is even more compounded is you have a comparatively small bathroom. Short of remodeling your bathroom to increase the space available to you, how else can you increase the storage space. The following space saving tips could help you increase storage space in your bathroom without having to resort to extensive home renovations. Invest in a wine rack for your bathroom Read More 

Pergola Designs You Could Choose For Your Home

One of the best ways to enjoy your yard is by creating an outdoor living space. There are numerous options that you could consider such as patios, decks and pergolas. A common misconception that some homeowners have is that all you need to do is hire contractors and they will erect a pergola for you. The truth of the matter though is that there are several designs that you could choose from. Read More 

The Benefits of a Central Air Conditioner Versus Other Systems

A central or ducted air conditioner is very common in homes today; this system actually connects your furnace through the ductwork of the home to push cool air through all the vents. This is unlike a split system unit, which is vented directly out a wall of the home rather than going through the furnace and which cools just one area of the home versus all of it. If you're thinking of having a new air system installed, you might note a few surprising benefits of a central air conditioner versus any other type. Read More 

4 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

If you are renovating or remodelling your small kitchen, you have the chance to make the most of your space, but you need to plan ahead, before the work begins. A fresh coat of paint isn't going to make that space any more workable, so note a few kitchen renovation ideas to consider for small spaces. 1. Pot racks A pot rack that hangs from the ceiling gives you the chance to maximise space, as you can store pots and pans and even utensils overhead, rather than in drawers and cupboards. Read More