Add a touch of elegance and even romance to your home with a staircase

If you are building a double-storey house, take care with the design of the staircase, because the stairs can give your home a special look and feel. The staircase can be welcoming, or it can seem to be defensive. It all depends on the design of a new one, or the way you transform an existing one.

Curved lines lend a feeling of elegance

Circular lines have a greater feeling of flow and rhythm than straight lines and square corners. Traditional square staircases give a feeling of solidity and even predictability, while curved staircases can appear to be more generous and welcoming.

A circular or a spiral staircase will give your home a feeling of elegance. Depending on the design of the staircase and the detail in the finishes, it may even introduce a touch of romance into your home.

A circular staircase has the elegant and romantic appeal of a spiral staircase, but is more open and welcoming. The openness of the design lends a degree of lightness to the staircase and can be less claustrophobic than a spiral staircase.

Single stringer staircases draw the eye

Single stringer staircases are different from traditional staircases, because they have a strong central beam running up the length. They can come in a variety of shapes, including curved and spiral. The central beam supports the treads of the stairs like the vertebrae of a skeleton. They protrude beyond the central beam on either side, appearing almost to be floating in the air. The central spine gives the staircase a delicate appeal.

Add detail to a staircase to increase its aesthetic appeal

The look and feel of the treads of your staircase or of the handrail can change the ambience in your home. Wooden staircases made of a dark wood can make your home feel cosy and welcoming. Light wood on the treads can lighten and brighten up a room. If you put a carpet running up the centre of the staircase, it will add emphasis to the shape of the staircase, while lending a touch of elegance to the stairs.

There are a number of different looks that can be achieved with the handrail for your staircase. Choose a metal handrail that has filigree for a truly elegant look to accompany a circular or spiral staircase. With a wooden staircase, you may choose, rather, to have a handrail that is less detailed, but of a light colour, to lend a feeling of class to your home.