The Benefits of a Central Air Conditioner Versus Other Systems

A central or ducted air conditioner is very common in homes today; this system actually connects your furnace through the ductwork of the home to push cool air through all the vents. This is unlike a split system unit, which is vented directly out a wall of the home rather than going through the furnace and which cools just one area of the home versus all of it. If you're thinking of having a new air system installed, you might note a few surprising benefits of a central air conditioner versus any other type. 

1. Humidity levels

Heat and humidity seem to go hand in hand, and a central air conditioner unit is better at controlling the humidity levels in your home. This is because it will cool all the areas of your house, not just one, so that humidity doesn't get trapped in upper rooms, back rooms, and other areas not reached by a split system or window air conditioner. Not only will you feel more comfortable against rising humidity levels when you use a central air unit, but this also protects your home from potential water damage caused by trapped humidity. You may have less risk of mold and mildew forming along the home's building materials when you choose a central unit to tackle humidity as well as the air temperature.

2. Energy efficiency

It may seem like a central unit would use more energy to operate, but note that a smaller ductless unit or window unit may need to run longer to get your home or even one space cooler than if you had a central unit. Additionally, since the cool air is not being pushed through all the vents in your home, those outer areas of a room or zone that are not touched by the cool air will hold warm air that quickly creeps back into your space once you turn off the split system unit or window air conditioner. This can cause the temperature in your home to rise again, very quickly. However, since the central unit reaches all areas of the home at once, there is less of this trapped warm air that immediately causes the temperature to rise once the unit switches off. You may then find that the central unit actually runs less often than a split system unit and, in turn, may be the more energy efficient choice for your home overall.

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