Storage Tips for Small Bathrooms

For some homeowners, the bathroom is notorious for lacking adequate space. This problem is even more compounded is you have a comparatively small bathroom. Short of remodeling your bathroom to increase the space available to you, how else can you increase the storage space. The following space saving tips could help you increase storage space in your bathroom without having to resort to extensive home renovations.

Invest in a wine rack for your bathroom

Yes, a wine rack in the bathroom. Wine racks can easily be repurposed and used to create additional space in your bathroom. If you do not have enough space available to you to create storage cabinets, a wine rack can be conveniently repurposed for this. Nail the wine rack to one of your bathroom walls and its round cubbies can be used to conveniently store rolled up towels. In addition to this, you can have the wine rack painted or decorated so that it can double up as an aesthetic addition to your bathroom wall. Towels are not the only items you can store in the wine cubbies. Cylindrical bottles of shower gels, shampoos and more can also be stored in these cubbies too!

Invest in a shoe hanger for your bathroom

Another item that you would rarely find in the bathroom is a shoe hanger. However, these storage hangers come with numerous compartments, making them a great addition to any small bathroom. The shoe hanger can easily be hung behind your bathroom door rather than you setting hooks that would be used to hang your towel or bathrobe. Once the shoe hanger is in place, you can store a myriad of things in the compartments available to you. Items such as cleansers, moisturizers, shavers, shower caps and more can easily fit into these compartments thus giving you extra shelf space in your bathroom.

Invest in pocketed shower curtains

If you have a small bathroom, you should consider getting pocketed shower curtains. These pockets can store items such as loofahs, razors and even soap! Having these items on the shower curtain itself rather strewn all over your bathroom will make your bathroom seem less cramped. If you have a shower screen, you could invest in plastic over-the-door organizers. The plastic material ensures the organizer remains waterproof. It also comes with hooks that are easily looped over the shower screen. When you do not have any use for your over-the-door organizer anymore, all you need to do is unhook it and put it away.

If you've tried these methods and they're still not enough, work with a home renovations expert to have some new shelves or cupboards constructed for your bathroom.