Plant Your Own Pest Deterrent: 3 Plants Keep Your Garden Safe

It can be a devastating sight when you glance out of the window at your garden and see that it's been torn to shreds. This is Australia after all, and for as long as there are pretty gardens, crop patches and fields, there will be irritating pests right there alongside them ready to cause havoc.

Deterring garden pests can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task, especially when a particular form of animal finds a way to breed rapidly in your garden and starts to take over.

Thankfully though, there are ways to help rid your home garden of annoying pests without having to resort to damaging pesticides. A bit of cunning landscaping can actually do the trick, with certain plants possessing properties that actually scare pests away from your garden and ensure that they never return. Discussed here are three plants that might just help you get rid of your pest problem forever.


The marigold is a beautiful, puffy ornamental flower that has the ability to make a garden appear vibrant, warm and welcoming, yet its real asset lies in how it actively deters several different kinds of pests. Not only does the marigold flower release a specific scent that deters soil-damaging rodents like squirrels and wild rabbits, it takes care of the smaller pests too like aphids, mosquitoes and whiteflies.

The compound Pyrethrum is found in Marigold flowers, which also happens to be used in a wide variety of insect repellents. Lining your garden with a few rows of this cheerful flower will help prevent wild animals scratching up your ground, whilst also preventing insects ruining any fruits or vegetables that may be growing in your garden.


Lavender has developed such an effective reputation as an insect repellent in modern society that some people even wear the herb on their person on a daily basis. When lavender blooms it adopts a gorgeous purple shade and releases a strong, relaxing scent. Insects likes mosquitoes, moths and whiteflies absolutely detest it. Not only will lavender help to protect the inhabitants of your garden from the disease that mosquitoes carry and the damage that moths can cause, it'll also stop your plants falling victim to a whitefly infestation.

To reap the benefits further, bring lavender inside your home and tuck some away inside your closet as well as on top of your kitchen window sills. Not only will this spread a fresh, calm scent throughout your property, it'll also ensure that pesky moths and flies stay away from your clothes and food respectively.


When it comes to pest-deterrent landscaping, you'll need to keep in mind where to locate certain plants and herbs as well as their repelling properties. For example, tossing basil leaves randomly around your garden won't stop many insects from attacking your plants, but by planting them tactically alongside tomato plants, oregano, and lettuce you may experience some terrific results. Not only will this cluster of plants save space in your garden, it'll also look extremely attractive to humans and smell repugnant to insects.

Basil's scent actively repels aggressive whiteflies, asparagus beetles, carrot flies and mosquitoes. Oregano also acts as a terrific insect repellent, scaring away aphids and cucumber beetles. What's more, basil and oregano will help to accentuate the flavour of the ripening tomatoes, meaning that the final fruit product will not only be unspoiled, but also extremely juicy, tender and tasty. 

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