How to Know When to Call for Air Conditioning Repair Services

Your air conditioner may seem to work fine, but this doesn't mean that it isn't in need of repair or maintenance. There are times when certain parts of your air conditioner may be breaking down or when the air conditioner otherwise needs servicing, but still continues to run. Ignoring these problems with an air conditioning unit can allow it to break down even further, meaning larger repair bills down the road. Note when you should call for air conditioning repair services for your home.

1. When the unit seems excessively loud

A central air conditioning unit will typically make a humming sound as the fan works to push cool air through your home, but if it seems excessively loud, this might mean that the fan or another part is breaking down. If the fan is working harder than it should, it may make a louder noise as it operates. Ignoring this problem can mean the fan actually breaking at some point, so that the unit fails to work.

A loud squealing noise can also mean that the belt that connects the fan to the motor is also breaking down; it may have become brittle over time, or may have a crack or tear. This too can break completely if ignored, so when the air conditioning unit seems very loud, have it checked out immediately.

2. When the unit keeps tripping a circuit breaker

In this case, it may be the wiring of the air conditioner that needs replacing. If the wiring cannot manage the amount of electricity that the air conditioner demands, the circuit will trip and shut off. You may need to upgrade the wiring or have the air conditioning system moved to its own circuit. If you put off this repair job, your air conditioner may suffer excess wear and tear from shutting off repeatedly.

3. If your home just doesn't seem cool enough

You may want to consider closing the blinds of your home and investing in a dehumidifier so the home feels more comfortable, but if you notice that your home still doesn't seem cool enough when the air conditioner runs, have it checked. It might need a refill of the refrigerant, or the compressor may be breaking down. In turn, it doesn't produce enough cool air for your home. In some cases you may also need to upgrade to a stronger unit that is more suited to your home, or you may need to simply cover the unit from sunlight so it can more easily produce cool air.