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A Guide to Lawn Aeration for Your Garden

If you want your lawn to look as healthy and green as possible, you need to do more than just water and mow it occasionally. Aeration is a key part of lawn maintenance. So what is lawn aeration, exactly? As you might have guessed, lawn aeration is the process of introducing air to the soil of your lawn. Soil becomes easily compacted, and when soil is very dense, it's hard for water, air, and nutrients to make its way around the soil so that you have the healthiest lawn in your garden. Read More 

Choose Shutters For Reduced Maintenance Needs On Your Windows

A lot can be said about shutters, like how they add classical beauty to any interior, how they provide an element of security to your windows and house or how they provide increased versatility as far as privacy, ventilation, and lighting is concerned. However, what you may not know about shutters is that they also lessen the burden of maintaining your window dressings. And here's why: No curtains or sheers needed Read More 

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Central Air Conditioner

A few minutes of maintenance and care for your central air conditioner can ensure that it runs smoothly throughout the year, and can help you avoid unnecessary and very expensive repair bills down the road. Just as you take time to maintain your car before it breaks down, maintaining your home's air conditioner can ensure the parts last as long as they should and the unit provides you with the cool air you need during summer months. Read More 

Water Tanks: What New Home Owners Need to Know

If you are planning to build a new home, it is practical to consider installing a water tank during the construction process. A rain water tank will not only reduce your reliance on municipal water and assist in conserving a valuable resource, but it will also help reduce your utility bills. Follow these tips to guide through the process of selecting a water tank that suits your needs. Be Aware of Local Building Rules Read More 

Benefits of Having Your Car Locks Rekeyed

Many car owners assume that their only option when dealing with lost or stolen keys is to have duplicate keys made. However, rekeying involves the use of innovation and technology that is designed to be the simple solution. You can have the locks on your vehicle rekeyed, which involves replacing the lock pins that are located in the lock cylinder. This changes the wafer configuration and creates the need for a new key. Read More