Benefits of Having Your Car Locks Rekeyed

Many car owners assume that their only option when dealing with lost or stolen keys is to have duplicate keys made. However, rekeying involves the use of innovation and technology that is designed to be the simple solution. You can have the locks on your vehicle rekeyed, which involves replacing the lock pins that are located in the lock cylinder. This changes the wafer configuration and creates the need for a new key. Rekeying is an alternative to having a duplicate key made or a new key ordered from the manufacturer of your vehicle. There are a variety of benefits that can be gained from having the locks on your vehicle rekeyed by a professional auto locksmith.


You might realise this, but the cost of having your locks rekeyed is often times cheaper than having duplicate keys made. Having keys re-cut or ordering duplicate keys from the manufacturer of your vehicle can be very costly. Rekeying is designed to be affordable.

Waiting Period

The time that it takes to have a duplicate key ordered and delivered can be a major hassle. In most cases, you do not have weeks to wait for duplicate keys. This means that you need an alternative that is designed to be much faster. When you have the locks on your vehicle rekeyed, you can have new keys made immediately that fit the locks and will be able to use your vehicle right away. Rekeying is significantly faster and is a great option when time is a major concern. 


If the keys to your vehicle have been lost or stolen, it is also a good idea to have your locks rekeyed to increase safety. Once you have the locks rekeyed, the old key that was lost or stolen will no longer work. This means that you can have increased security in your vehicle and not be concerned with theft.


Another benefit to having your car locks rekeyed involves the ability to choose the type of key that you want to use. You can have your lock rekeyed in different ways depending on the type of new key that you want to match the lock. This offers high levels of custiomisation for car owners in need of a new key. This makes it a great option for owners that have had their key stolen and are in need of a new option but want to have one customised.

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