Choose Shutters For Reduced Maintenance Needs On Your Windows

A lot can be said about shutters, like how they add classical beauty to any interior, how they provide an element of security to your windows and house or how they provide increased versatility as far as privacy, ventilation, and lighting is concerned. However, what you may not know about shutters is that they also lessen the burden of maintaining your window dressings. And here's why:

No curtains or sheers needed

When you install shutters onto your windows, you no longer need to install curtains or a curtain box. This is great news for anyone tired of dealing with curtains or if you're just looking to try out a new way to dress your windows. What you get with shutters, therefore, is a simpler way to manage your windows. You can keep the shutters closed while you open the slats or you can open the shutters completely to let maximum light in. That's all.

Easier to clean

Shutters are quite easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them gently using a damp cloth or any commercial shutter-cleaning agent. Due to the sealing or painting done over the shutters, dirt cannot be absorbed by the frames so it comes off easily. The process is therefore quick and simple. This is a stark contrast to blinds or curtains that need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly. What's more, when you clean your shutters, they remain in place, offering you privacy and shielding your home from unwanted light or heat.

Easier to match with your interior

Some people find it a struggle having to find the right design of curtains to dress on their windows every other time. As you know, with curtains you have to keep a few extra sets for replacement every now and then. However, with shutters you do not need to go through this hassle. Shutters are permanent and once installed, you're done. Mostly installed in white, your shutters will match any interior decor you have, including the walls.

Little servicing needed over the years

Last but not least, shutters also need less servicing. Sealing and treating is all the maintenance needed to keep your shutters from deteriorating over the years. Of course, this only applies to timber shutters. If you choose to install shutters made of PVC or aluminium, even those two processes will not be necessary; plastic and aluminium will not fade, crack or warp.

Remember that there are different variations of shutters to choose from. You can get shutters with fixed slats, shutters that fold to the side or shutters with slats of different sizes. Talk to a supplier and find out what will work best with your windows.