Having a grown-up housewarming party

As you get older and move into a nice house, it's great to be able to invite friends and family over to help you celebrate the new home. If you want to make sure your housewarming party is classy and grown up, rather than a sharehouse booze-fest, then keep reading. 

Hire some tables and linen

One of the ways to ensure that your party looks great is to have real glasses and plates. Having the tables covered in white linen helps give the event a classy feel as well. It can be well worth hiring a couple of staff to act as bartenders and help make sure that people are limiting their alcohol intake. That helps to keep the event classy and fun. You can hire cutlery and tables from a party hire store, and they can often put you in contact with staff who are happy to come and be servers. 

Hire matching serving ware

If you are also showing off your cooking skills, it helps to have some matching serving ware to show off your delicious food. Try and find something that matches a theme—such as stark white serving ware if you are in a modern house and having a sleek do, or brighter coloured serving ware to show off a beautiful garden and house some bright salads and fresh pasta. That way even if friends are helping you out by bringing some food around, it will all look cohesive and planned as part of the menu.  

Decorate the venue

In addition to the food and drink, it's good to have some matching decorations. Some good ideas include tea lights in small jars, Chinese paper lanterns, and patterned bunting. This helps the party to look classy and can provide interesting background in any photos. It often looks good to choose a theme colour and choose everything to match this colour. 

Plan the music

Depending on how big the party is you might be able to play tunes through your home stereo system or laptop. However if the party is slightly bigger, it might be good to hire some speakers to get some light background music through the party. Choosing the right tunes and playing them at a low but clear volume can help to set the mood. 

Planning a grow-up housewarming party is easy if you have the right gear. Party hire can help bridge the gap if you are missing anything.