Making the most of limited wardrobe storage

Unfortunately our homes don't always come with as much storage as we'd like. If your wardrobe is smaller than your clothes, here are some tips on improving your storage capacity. 

Pare back your collection

If you have a large collection of clothes that includes clothes that you don't tend to wear or clothes that you don't fit into, it could be time to pare back your collection. By selling or donating your unwanted clothes, you can often feel like you have more clothes now that you can easily see the clothes that you like to wear each day. Often an overcrowded wardrobe can involve some hidden favourites that are stuffed at the back, and you can feel like you have a whole new wardrobe once some of these old favourites come back to the front of the wardrobe. 

Look up and down

One of the best ways to get extra storage can be to make sure that you are making the most of vertical and horizontal storage. This could include placing a shoe storage rack under a hanging rack or installing an extra rack under a high clothing rail if you don't tend to store longer hanging items such as full length formal dresses. Modern wardrobes often involve more storage for two piece (top and bottom outfits) and short dresses, which can help maximise storage options. It can also be useful to include drawers to store small items such as underwear and socks. 

Consider upgrading your wardrobe

Rather than simply adding storage, it can often to useful to contemplate removing the old wardrobe and getting a whole new wardrobe installed in your place. It is often much more effective to have a new wardrobe with a dedicated section for each part of your wardrobe, as well as new and easy to use sliders. Mirrors doors can help the room to feel bigger and can be useful to help you check your outfit before you head off. You can personalise the wardrobe to have the setup you like - for instance having more shoe storage if you are a fan of shoes or more shelf space if you are a big fan of denim and knit. 

With some planning you can make sure that you have enough wardrobe space. That way every day you can wake up and see clothing options that you like and never again find you have 'nothing to wear'.