How to Prepare For Fires in the Workplace

When a fire breaks out in the workplace, you not only need to think about yourself, but the safety of everyone inside. It is important that you do everything you can to prevent them. Here are some important fire safety rules to keep in mind in the workplace.

Reduce Electrical Hazards

In an office environment, there are quite a few electrical hazards you need to be aware of. If you ignore them, these hazards could turn into an electrical fire. For example, if you have old or faulty wiring in your building, it needs to be rewired by an electrician. Some signs of faulty wiring include hot outlets, flickering lights, and fuses that blow frequently. You should also be careful about the wires, cords and cables you use for electrical devices. Never plug in a computer or printer that has a frayed or worn cord. Replace it before using that device. To further protect your office from electrical hazards, keep all devices and appliances turned off and unplugged each evening when you leave for the night.

Store Chemicals Safely

If you use any type of chemicals in the workplace, know what they are ho they should be stored. You should always be aware of the chemicals used in your office, warehouse, or other type of workplace, including your potential flammable liquids and fire hazards. Keep a material safety sheet visible so that other employees know how to store and use the different chemicals safely. Also be careful when using sparking tools around flammable liquids or chemicals.

Have Designated Smoking Areas

You likely already don't allow smoking indoors, but also be careful about the exterior spaces where you allow it. If you have a garage or warehouse outside of your main office building that has flammable materials or liquids, make sure you have a strict no-smoking zone in the exterior space around those flammables. Choose a safe location for smokers where they won't be within the vicinity of anything that might cause a fire in the workplace, including providing ashtrays or sand-filled cans to put out the cigarettes safely.

Have Fire Safety Equipment Available

Fire equipment and devices must always be available in the workplace, starting with smoke detectors and alarms. These should be placed in all areas of the building, including in hallways, offices, warehouses, storage rooms, and bathrooms. Have a schedule for when to check the smoke detectors to make sure they are working and to change the batteries. Also have a fire sprinkler system in the building just in case a fire does occur. Provide fire extinguishers in all major areas of the building, with at least one on each floor or in each major area of the office. Train employees on how to use the fire extinguishers, as well as creating an evacuation plan.