Warm Feet in the Morning

Everyone has experienced the shock of getting out of a toasty warm bed in cold weather, and having your feet land on a cold floor.  Fishing around for slippers takes time, and socks generate static on carpet while being slippery on smooth flooring.  With a heating system built into the floor, cold floors will be a thing of the past.  In-floor heating warms not only the floor, it evenly heats the room from the bottom up, resulting in better heat distribution throughout the room when compared to forced air or baseboard heating.

How it works

In-floor heating doesn't rely on air circulating throughout a room.  Heat gently rises from the floor without disturbing dust or allergens that may be present, also resulting in a reduction in the spread of germs.  The air doesn't dry out, and the temperature is unaffected by humidity.  Less heat is needed to warm large rooms or rooms with high ceilings, due to even coverage and the air being warmed from the floor up.  Rooms built over cold spaces, including garages or crawl spaces, stay warm and comfortable.  In-floor heating can work underneath a wide variety of flooring types, including wood, laminate, tile, stone and concrete.  There are even options available for wet areas if you are looking for in-floor heating for saunas, bathrooms and showers.  A low profile adds very little to the thickness of your flooring, while adding a layer of insulation for sound as well as heat.

How it is installed

Installation is uncomplicated, with most in-floor heating systems using interconnecting mats or cables laid evenly throughout a room.  Mats go down quickly and easily in rectangular rooms, while a cable system can fit any shape including angles and curves.  Many control options are available, from working in combination with the thermostat of existing heating systems, its own independent thermostats, and even the ability to control the temperature from your phone through wi-fi.  A regular thermostat will easily fit, including programmable thermostats that offer temperature control on a timed schedule.

Cold tile floors in the bathroom can be a thing of the past when installed over an in-floor heating system.  Wood and stone floors will no longer feel cold regardless of how chilly it is outside.  Carpet becomes cozy and warm, adding a feeling of luxury.  Drafts become a thing of the past as heat gently and evenly rises up from the entire floor.  In-floor heating is easy to install and maintain, and an easy way to add comfort to your home.