What to consider when moving large furniture

When you have finally decided that you are taking most of your furniture with you when you move, it is best to know how exactly to go about this process. Taking the following factors into consideration can ease your moving process as well as save you money and protect your health.

Let your friends help

If you are intent on saving money and have decided to go along and move the furniture by yourself, you should get friends to help you out. Some furniture pieces are too heavy for you to move alone. Getting your friends to help can ease the process as well as making it move along faster.

Lifting the furniture

Light furniture like stools and ottomans can be easily hefted and placed in the truck. When it comes to pieces like cupboards, however, one cannot simply lift them. If you do attempt to lift such kinds of furniture, you should be conversant with the correct lifting techniques. If you do not know these techniques, there is a high chance that you will injure your back.

Subsequently, the piece can fall awkwardly injuring those around, getting damaged in the process as well. Instead of lifting the furniture, you can choose to drag it along sliders placed on the floor to protect your back.

Protecting the furniture

Before moving the furniture, it has to be protected so that it can stand up to the rigours of a long distance journey. First and foremost, if you have decided to drag the furniture, you should protect its legs so that it does not get scraped by the bare floor. If the floor is a material prone to damage, there should be sliders placed on it to protect it.

Covering the furniture with moving blankets or bubble wrap can protect it from being bounced around during the journey to your new place. Corner guards can also be used to protect the edges of the furniture, as well as those of the walls, from being scraped and chipped as the piece is being moved out of and into place.

Hiring professional movers

Professional furniture removals will let you go along with your removal without the stress of having to handle the furniture yourself. They will have the required equipment to lift and move the furniture. This should save you from the hassle of doing all this yourself. The movers will also drive the furniture across the long distance to your new abode.