4 Benefits of Sourcing Plant Supplies from a Wholesale Nursery

The benefits of having plants in your yard are numerous; they can provide shade from the scorching heat of the sun outside, enhance privacy from the prying eyes of curious onlookers, and add to the natural character of your landscape, among many more benefits.

If you need to buy plant supplies for your home landscaping project, here are some essential reasons why you should get them from a wholesale nursery.

Wide selection of plant varieties

Wholesale nurseries usually offer an extensive array of different plant species to suit nearly all landscaping requirements. Plant supplies come in a range of growth speeds, color palettes and foliage varieties, increasing the odds of getting exactly what you have envisioned for your front garden, backyard or any other part of your home's landscape.

Experienced support

Because they have invested a lot of time and resources in planting and nursing plant supplies, the personnel working in wholesale nurseries have an enviable amount of skill in plant care.

Therefore, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the most competent people in the industry are ready to provide expert consultation and give you consistent support as regards the choice of plants whose installation and maintenance demands fit your desired landscape design.

Superior quality

Proper care is vital to the good health of all plant supplies. To ensure that quality nursery plants are sold to you, wholesale nurseries often make soil amendments, apply safe pest management practices, choose the right set of tools (e.g. clippers for regular pruning), and more.

When moving small plants into your personal van, for instance, staff working in wholesale nurseries will carry the plants by the container and not the stem to prevent likely damage. This way, the supplies can reach their destination in good condition.

Safe delivery

Before you can transfer plants from the nursery to your home's landscape, you have to transport them safely first. Hot weather, for example, can make it challenging to haul plants, especially greenhouse and bedding plants, to their new destination due to the risk of transpiration. A wholesale nursery will provide a vehicle with heat reduction covers to lock out moisture and heat from building up inside the back of the vehicle.

During the trip, tall plants may be transported lying horizontally to prevent possible damage by strong winds. Additionally, the plants can be strapped with cloth to secure them from rolling around behind the truck bed.

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