Are Heat Pumps The Future Or A Disaster For Your Household?

A geothermal heat pump system is very new to our world, so there are not many people who have a lot of experience with it. This means that you cannot get all information you need, without a lot of research. It is crucial to know that everything has good and bad sides. The situation is the same with geothermal heat pump.

Heat pumps work like your fridge

Refrigerator removes heat from the interior and transfers it to your kitchen. A heat pump works on the same way. It uses ground heat and transfers it to your home. In order to achieve this, it uses long underground pipes filled with liquid. The system is more efficient than conventional heating systems due to the fact that it doesn't burn fuel in order to generate the heat. It simply moves it from one place to another.

You will invest a lot of money, but you will save even more

Installing a geothermal system is expensive. In fact, you are going to need between $10.000 and $40.000 to install it. The cost depends on: system configuration, plot size and soil conditions. In general, you shouldn't think about the installation unless you have $20.000 on your bank account. On the other side, you can recoup this money in 4-15 years (depending on the cost of the installation and utility rates). You should know that geothermal system will cost you 40%more than HVAC system.

You get benefits as well

Geothermal system has benefits as well. You will save money as soon as you are done with the installation. According to a research, you can save between 30 and 60% on your heating and between 20-50%on your cooling costs. Due to the fact that this is a ''green'' system (it uses renewable energy source) the system is perfect for people who want to live green. You won't cause any pollution at all. In addition, the system is much quieter than conventional systems.

How much money I can save?

Geothermal systems can save you $750 if you are replacing oil and $1.000 per month if you are replacing a conventional electric system. This means that the system will repay itself in a few years. After that, you are going to save money every month.

Geothermal systems are definitely popular and there are more and more people who are installing them every day. Yes, it is expensive, but you will live green and you will save money every month.