Exclusive gardening tips for small spaces

This is the 21st century, and gardening is no longer a practice that is limited by space. If you are a lover of nature, then don't let the spring seasons just get by without making an attempt at gardening. You don't have to have a massive yard to enjoy the therapeutic effects of a garden. Even with your balcony and a small patio, you can do a lot. It's about time you get out of that bubble. Times are changing, and changing fast.

Vertical gardens

Most plants can be trained to grow upwards, and all you have to do is use a form of support for it to hold on to. This can use up significantly less space when you create a vertical garden where all the plants are grown upwards. This technique can be particularly good when growing on corridors or narrow balconies at home. However, before deciding on a plant, ensure it's one of those plants that can actually be grown upwards. Cucumber, beans and peas are some of the popular options. Aligning your plants vertically also assists in creating an illusion of more space as opposed to planting them horizontally.

Bright colours

When cornered with little space, use your colours wisely. Look for brighter plants with intense colours and place them in front of less-vibrant plants. Having them in an easy view will capture your attention and most of your focus will be used in looking at them. The rest of the plants will slowly recede at the background creating an illusion that the garden is larger.

Container planting

Containers are a good way to save on your space, and the advantage is that most vegetables can be grown in them. The kind of container you use can be left to your imagination, and you can decide to use anything ranging from old boxes to a wheelbarrow. However, keep the growth characteristics of the plant in mind. Know how high and wide it grows and how deep the roots grow. You'd then be able to pick the perfect container size. Contact a professional nursery like The Greenery Garden Centre for additional help picking plants and planters.

Big foliage

For a small backyard, you can use big and bold tropical plants to help the landscape feel a bit larger. Their huge leaves create that illusion that the place is larger than it actually is. Additionally, their oddly shaped leaves gives off a cool aura which makes the area very relaxing.