4 ways to keep your lawn mower running for longer

When you invest in any large piece of equipment, such as a lawn mower, it is important to take the best care of it in order for its working life to extend as far into the future as possible. By following a few simple tips, your lawn mower could last years longer than if it was neglected, saving you unnecessary trips to the garden centre, and money too. Take these four tips on board and you'll notice a marked difference in the longevity of your machine.

Make the blade sharper. After months and then years of using the same blade on your lawn mower, you might find that the machine tears and rips the grass instead of making a clean cut. This is most probably because of simple wear and tear of your lawn mower blade, and there is absolutely no reason to upgrade your mower in this instance. All you have to do is sharpen the blade by either using a vice and a metal file, or by taking your lawn mower to a tune up shop.

Drain the fuel. You should get into the habit of draining the gasoline out of your lawn mower each and every time you use it. When fuel is left to sit idly inside the tank, it thickens and essentially turns into varnish. This makes it easier to develop lumps and debris, which will stop your mower from running as smoothly as it could, but it's easily prevented by draining the fuel and replenishing it the next time you use the machine.

Check the air filter. The air filter of your lawn mower performs the simple but essential function of stopping grass and debris from entering the engine of your machine. When an air filter doesn't work properly, debris will enter and the machine will run less smoothly. You will also find that air filters will get oily over time naturally, so it's a good idea to replace them once a year. The air filter is easily accessible and replacement filters are generally inexpensive so this can be performed as a DIY task.

Change the spark plug. If you find that the mower starts with more difficulty than normal, this is a good sign that there is something wrong with the spark plug and that it needs to be changed. This is an easy maintenance task that can be performed with a socket driver, a spark plug gauge, and a spark plug socket. But, of course, if you feel uncomfortable with these kinds of tasks you can lean on the talents of as handyperson to help you.

And, finally, read your lawn mower's manual from back to front so you can know the intricacies of your particular machine and how to take care of it. Happy mowing!