5 Affordable Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Cost is always a big factor when it comes to home renovations. While kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most frequent renovated parts of the home, you can still make impressive changes without spending too much money. You can transform your bathroom into a relaxing and beautiful space by making some simple changes that have a huge impact.


When you look through household magazines and catalogues, you will always notice that the most attractive designs are usually clutter free, simple but elegant. You can create the same fresh look for your bathroom by cleaning out everything you do not need.

You can also find better ways of storing your essentials such as installing bathroom racks and hooks for handing up some items. You can also use a basket to store these items instead to leaving them strewn all over your vanity countertop or around the sink.

Replace Accessories

You know you need to get rid of that old dowdy shower curtain. You can replace it with a new elegant shower curtain or even install a frameless glass door for your shower or bathtub. Glass doors make the bathroom look bigger since there is better light flow. It is also very elegant and classy as compared to a shower curtain. You can also get new towels, new curtains, and brighter lighting for your bathroom.

Rain Showerhead

The rain showerhead is one of the best additions that you can introduce to your bathroom. It is the closest thing you can get to a full body massage while in the shower. The wide showerhead produces multiple jets of water at varying speeds and arrangements. It is luxurious in looks and in function.


You can also use vinyl wall murals to transform any old bathroom into a relaxing fantasy spa. You can use relaxing environments such as mountains, seas and forests on your wall murals, especially facing or next to the bathtub when most people spend most time trying to relax. The vinyl finish on the mural protects it from moisture especially when taking those long warm baths.

Plants and Vases

Plants and vases are also great ways to enhance the look of your bathroom area. You can introduce low-maintenance potted plants such as spider plants, orchids, peace lilies and aspidistras. The plans make your bathroom more relaxing as well. They do not need much maintenance other than regular watering.

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