Choosing And Using Mulch To Keep Your Landscaping Lush And Healthy

Mulch is a good choice for keeping any landscaping feature you have lush and healthy, and it also gives your landscaping features more visual interest, setting it apart from your lawn. Mulch is used to form a barrier on top of soil so that fewer weeds grow and so that moisture is trapped in the soil, allowing plants and flowers to collect it through their roots and more easily thrive.

While mulch may seem like a simple addition to your landscaping features, there are more varieties than you might realize, and some simple tips for applying it that can ensure your landscaping looks its best. Note a few simple tips.

1. Choosing mulch

Shredded tree bark is usually the most common type of mulch purchased, as it's thick enough that it works well to protect soil and won't wash away during rainstorms. Cocoa hulls are also a good choice, as they add nutrients to the soil and even have a chocolate smell you might enjoy, but they are very light and may blow away in strong winds.

Compost that you make on your own can be used as a mulch, but it may not smell very good, and it does need to be turned at the end of the season. You also need to wait for compost to form when you make it on your own. Shredded leaves also work well to nourish soil, but these, too, are very lightweight and may blow away during any type of storm.

The color of mulch you choose is also important. Dark mulch will hold summer heat, so it may not be the right choice in very hot climates, but it is good for cooler areas. Light color mulches may reflect bright sunlight toward flowers and cause them to wither, so they may not be good for tropical environments.

2. Spreading mulch

Most homeowners simply split open bags of mulch and spread it around their flowerbeds, but one trick that professionals know is to dig up a small amount of soil and lay down newspapers. This acts as a weed barrier to keep your flowerbeds protected. Add the soil back over the newspapers and then sprinkle the mulch on top. The newspaper will eventually break down so you may need to add a new layer every year, but this simple step will help you with weed control and can also act as a barrier against soil erosion during heavy storms.

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