Benefits Of Solar Pool Heating

Having a swimming pool is a great thing, but having a heated one is even better. Pool heating has become a trendy activity, and the heating is leaning towards using solar heaters. This is an encouraged practice, and the advantages of solar heating a pool are plenty. Here are some of the few.

Longer time in the pool

Pool heating enables you to spend longer time in the pool, and you can be able to start your swimming early during the day and last late into the nights. This can be a good chance to do more intensive practices, perhaps in preparation for a competition. A heated pool is also a good way to bring the family together, and the children and parents can swim and enjoy themselves more often without catching colds and flus. Heating a pool also enables you to be able to use it all through the year, especially in countries that may have cold seasons.


Heated pools also enable you to perform some aerobics and low impact exercises that may get your health conditions better. Doctors agree that a warm pool water coupled with a few exercises is good for the body, and you can do them every morning, noon and night without worry or a doctor's appointment.

Investment return

Using a solar heater also decreases your electricity bills, especially if you were heating the pool using other means. A solar heater is also easy to maintain and has no additional costs that may trail you every month. Moreover, using a solar heater boosts your home's appeal and raises its resell value, which means that you will be able to resell your house at a competitive price when you decide to move out.

Environmentally friendly

A solar heater is also extremely environmentally friendly and doesn't release any gas or smoke when in use. Replacing a propane heater or one that uses natural gas with a solar heater saves the environment a lot of fumes that are exceedingly degrading to the environment. These fuels are some of the leading causes of climate change and global warming, so using a solar heater will be a step towards saving your environs.


Solar heaters are designed to be durable as compared to electric or gas heaters. Most of the solar panels can be purchased from stores with a minimum 10-year-warranty, that's years more than the one or two year warranty heaters. With proper care and maintenance solar heaters can last you as long as your swimming pool.

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