Trendy Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Consumers are choosing a variety of novel ways to renovate their kitchens, using fanciful colours on the one hand and latest technology on the other. Maybe you could consider some of these trends for your next renovation?

You Don't Have To Choose White

Traditionally, kitchens have been decked out in designer white, as these were considered to be functional rooms where visibility and clarity were all important. However, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association in the US, more designers are turning to a mixture of grey and beige. These colours are still rather neutral, of course, and have their own "classic" look, but they blend well with a variety of bolder colours favoured by trendy homeowners. One way to do this is to blend with some accent colours by choosing from primary reds, yellows and oranges. Your new grey or beige look could also be paired up with some wood fittings, resulting in a nice warm tone.

To really make your kitchen redesign "pop", consider adding countertop appliances in a variety of colourful finishes. Many appliance manufacturers create options in bold colours, and with a bit of advance planning you can make sure these units blend in as part of your overall redesign scheme.

Distressed Wood Flooring

Turning from the walls and surface areas to the floors, why not take a break from traditional kitchen flooring and move towards distressed wood instead? This could work really well in open plan kitchens, where many homeowners are finding less favour with laminate, vinyl or tile. By incorporating distressed wood, it is possible to create a seamless look of integration between the kitchen and adjoining living area. Furthermore, this type of wood has a "warm" appeal and is also good for concealing wear and tear over time.

Don't Forget Those Electronics

If you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen working on recipes, then consider installing a charging station for your electronic devices. You may well need to pull up a recipe on your tablet or use Skype or FaceTime to ask one of your friends for a bit of culinary advice. The kitchen is now a place where electronics can be commonly found, so consider integrating the charging station into some of your cabinets or utility cupboards, with integrated electrical outlets and a number of those all-important USB ports. You should also look for a device that allows you to charge a number of different devices at the same time, rather than having to deal with a jumble of different cords and wires running everywhere.

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