4 Unique & Fun Ideas for Making Your Patio Space Relaxing and Inviting

The outdoor space of your home should be just as relaxing and inviting as the space indoors, so you can enjoy your time on a patio or deck. Unfortunately many homeowners neglect their outdoor space when it comes to sprucing it up and making it a cozy retreat, and then they wonder why they don't enjoy their time outside as they should.

If your patio or deck seems a bit drab and plain, consider some unique ideas for making it more relaxing and much more inviting.

1. Add a pergola

A pergola is built with beams going up and then across the top of a patio, but they're kept open so you can get in sunshine and fresh air. The pergola adds style and depth to your patio and can also help block out some uncomfortable summer heat. It also provides a means for decorating your patio; you might hang plants from the beams above or allow vines to grow up and along the side beams.

2. Hang a chandelier

If your patio already has a roof of some sort, consider hanging a chandelier. You can opt for one that plugs in and have power run to the patio itself, or choose one that works with candles. Overhead lighting is a great choice for an outdoor area as it makes the space seem more welcoming and you can enjoy it even at night. Shop around for outdoor chandeliers and consider having a contractor run power to the outdoor space if needed.

3. Paint exposed beams

One reason that a patio may seem dull and drab is that the exposed beams have never been painted. A patio contractor can tell you the best type of paint for the wood that's been used on your patio and can ensure your patio is treated properly before painting, to ensure the paint adheres even in rough weather. A good coat of a bold color can add instant life to an otherwise drab patio space.

4. Install bench seats or a swing

When you have a patio built, see about adding bench seats along the longest side, or putting up a swing. You can also have a contractor add these after your patio has been constructed. They not only give your patio extra seating but they also add depth and dimension. You can add pillows and even put plants on a bench seat for more personality and charm.

Talk to contractors such as Allweather Shelters about how to add personality to your patio space so you can enjoy it as much as possible.