4 Simple Ways To Add Instant Style To Your Backyard Space

If you have a backyard verandah or deck that seems a bit drab and dull, you don't need to call in a decorator to give it style and personality. There are many simple ways of making your space more personal and more inviting, and even more comfortable, for you and your family. Consider four simple ways of adding instant style to your backyard space.

1. Add a pergola

A pergola is an arbor or small structure you put over a deck, verandah, or walkway. It's a simple feature that adds depth and dimension to your space and can serve as a backdrop for a seating area. When you install a pergola you can then add outdoor curtains for softness or allow vines to climb up and around the pergola for even more appeal. A pergola is very affordable and comes in a variety of materials and colors, so you're sure to find one that fits your space perfectly. For more information about pergolas, contact a company such as Pro-Form Pergolas Pty Ltd.

2. Add plants

It's easy to think a backyard space doesn't need plants since it's already outside, but adding large plants to your deck or verandah can give it instant appeal. Plants make any space seem more relaxing, and blooming flowers can add color and brightness. Use pots and planters for even more style; brightly colored pots can liven up the space, or you might choose something tin or aluminium to give it a modern appeal.

3. Use fabric to brighten up furniture

When an outside deck or verandah seems a bit dull, you may need to use fabric to brighten up your furniture. Just as you add toss pillows and afghans to your furniture indoors to soften the look of a space, do the same for your outdoor furniture. Invest in some brightly colored outdoor pillows and all-weather blankets or afghans and drape these over your patio furniture. Purchase nice cushions for the chairs, and you'll see an instant softness to the space.

4. Add lighting

If you use your verandah at night, add lighting to warm up the space. You might use string lighting around the railings of a deck or around the entryway to add a soft glow. Battery-operated candles look like the real thing but are much safer than actual flames. If you have outdoor electricity in this space, purchase an electric chandelier and hang it from the ceiling of your porch or your pergola. This will make your space truly unique and a place where you want to relax or entertain.