Frequently Asked Questions About Teak Furniture

If you're thinking about replacing or adding to your furniture collection and you're looking for furniture pieces that will last a long time, you may want to bypass standard wood and go right for teak furniture. While teak is a type of wood, it has some unique characteristics that make it a better choice for you when it comes to furniture that is visually appealing, durable and of high quality. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about teak furniture to help you make a decision.

Where Is Teak Grown? -- One of the reasons teak is such a distinct wood is that it grows in very few places throughout the world. Teak trees are most often found in southeast Asia and in the tropical areas of India, Africa and parts of Latin America. Burma, Thailand and Laos are the three countries in which teak is most widely grown. The standard size of a teak tree ranges from 30 to 40 metres with a tree trunk circumference of 1.5 metres. Teak has an appealing amber hue, and has a very high concentration of oil that continues to make your furniture look polished and gleaming years after the wood has been harvested.

How Do You Maintain Your Teak Furniture? -- One of the benefits of buying teak furniture is that it doesn't require much labour time when it comes to maintenance. The natural oil within the wood acts as a lubricant to keep your furniture moisturised. Because most teak furniture is used outdoors, this quality is beneficial to resisting the elements, especially if you live in climate that's hot and dry.

For general cleaning, use soap, water and a cotton cloth to wipe down your teak furniture. It is also safe to use a brush with soft bristles to wash your furniture. Experts advise against using any kind of oil-based polish on teak because of the wood's natural oil content. For stubborn stains, use sandpaper but test out the grit level on a small area that's out of view. Grit levels are designated in reverse order, so for example, a P12 grit level is the highest on the chart, and as the number increase, the coarseness of the sandpaper decreases.

The Teak Furniture Is Turning Silver.  Is That Ok? -- Yes. This is a natural process that occurs with teak furniture outdoors. As the wood begins to mature, it reacts with sunlight and its colour transforms into a silvery patina. Many people love this unique quality of teak, but if you prefer the original golden brown colour, you can buy a special teak furniture cleaner that can safely bring back that hue.

For more information, contact a teak furniture supplier, such as The Weekend Furniture Co.